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In today’s digital era, with the rise of hybrid workplaces, the introduction of AI services like ChatGPT and Bard has revolutionized team collaboration. Comprehending the challenges organizations face in harnessing these advancements, I, as an expert coach and digital business developer, guide teams in seamlessly integrating tools like MS Teams, Planner, and OneNote into their workflow. Through my training, I not only familiarize your organisation with these tools but empower them to leverage their full potential, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and elevated productivity.

Empowering Transformation – Driving Growth

How I Help Organisations Create Value


My approach goes beyond teaching tools; it focuses on fostering confidence. Through training and coaching, I empower your team to maximize the benefits of technologies such as MS Teams, Planner, OneNote, ChatGPT, and more, helping them excel.


My practical and responsive approach ensures that the solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. I work towards transforming your day-to-day operations, making technology an asset rather than an obstacle.


By optimizing processes and productivity through more efficient workflows, I set your organization on a path to sustained expansion and success.

Key Services

Physical Start-Up Education Events: Kickstart your journey with an immersive introduction event and a digital coach who empowers your transformation jorney.
Online Workshops: Engage in monthly sessions to refine skills and drive continuous learning and improvement.
Personalized Coaching: Tailored and regular coaching sessions with team leaders and teams to ensure targeted growth.

Who I Help

My expertise is designed for the management team, managers and knowledge workers, focusing on practical solutions that deliver tangible results. If you’re seeking to leverage digital tools and AI for improved business outcomes, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Ilkka

With over 25 years of diverse business experience spanning both the private and municipal sectors, Ilkka is a seasoned digital transformation coach, digital leadership mentor, and senior project manager.

He is an experienced change leader, specializing in strategy and practical team/leadership development. He is a certified coach by ICF and possesses a deep understanding of building effective hybrid teams. He leverages advanced AI tools like ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard to create value and save time. Ilkka not only advocates for the transformative power of these AI tools but also applies them practically in his work. He is highly skilled in training and shares his extensive knowledge of modern digital solutions. Ilkka is renowned for his expertise in optimizing service and sales teams, and he remains at the forefront of contemporary team dynamics and organizational efficiency.


Empowering Transformation – Driving Growth

With DigitalWorks, I hold a strong belief in the potential of technology to redefine the way organizations function. My mission is straightforward: empower transformation. Using the combined strengths of AI and Teams, I offer tailored solutions that streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and drive sustainable growth. With my expert guidance, you won’t just navigate the digital era; you’ll thrive in it.

Uncovering Potential

Before embarking on the journey to growth, it’s crucial to understand the current landscape. My comprehensive analysis dives deep into your existing workflows, technologies, and team dynamics, identifying opportunities and areas for improvement. This initial phase ensures that my transformative strategies are firmly rooted in reality, specifically tailored to address your organization’s unique needs.


Building on insights derived from my analysis, this phase involves integrating and optimizing AI tools and Teams to streamline operations. By reshaping processes and introducing efficient digital strategies, I lay the foundation for a transformative leap in productivity and collaboration. It’s not just about introducing new tools; it’s about aligning them with your goals, ensuring they drive real value for your business.

Sustained Growth

The digital landscape is in a constant state of evolution, and your strategies should reflect that. My commitment extends beyond the initial transformation. Through ongoing support, training, and feedback loops, I ensure that your organization remains agile, adapts to changes, and continuously harnesses new opportunities for growth. It’s a commitment to not just reach new heights but to keep climbing.


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